Thursday, July 10, 2008

How Many Mg Do I Take? Is My Medication Safe? All Of Your Medical Questions Answered Here!

If you have gotten this far, you are probably wondering how this simple article is going to answer all of the medical questions that you have now, or have had in the recent past. Well, I am not.

The best way to find the correct answer to all of your medical questions is very simple. Speak to your doctor! The problem with that answer is that you never would have gotten to this article if you wanted to make an appointment with your doctor, make an excuse to your boss why you're going to be late to work, pay the expensive co-pay along with every other hassle that comes with seeing your doctor. The truth is, seeing your doctor for every medical question that you have is unrealistic. If people did this not only would they be broke, but their doctor's would stop seeing them because they would start to think that every patient was a hypochondriac (someone who always think they are sick/ill with something).

The amazing world of the internet has drastically helped people find the answers to all of the medical questions that they have without going to the doctor. Right about now your asking "what is this guy (me) even writing about? He's telling me something I already know!"

What you DON'T know, however, is that simply taking a trip over to WebMD or other medical websites isn't always going to answer your questions. Medical websites can give you generic answers to questions about medicines and other things - but thats is all they are - GENERIC! The side effects of medications, for example, are based on the reactions of a specific closed group of people that may or may not have similar side effects that you would have. What does this do? This allows the people who purchase medications to know what the general side effects are - that is it!

What is the best way to learn more about your medications or other health-related issues? Online Forums and Discussion Boards! When you join online forums you can openly and freely discuss issues with similar people who have dealt with the same problems. You can talk to regular people who will have answers for you, and whom you will in turn most likely have answers for as well. Medical sites are a good way to learn certain things, but to truly understand how the regular, everyday person like yourself functions, you need to talk to the regular, everyday person. Let's be honest, you can't walk up to someone on the treat and hope that they take Tramadol or xanax like you do and how they react to it. They will think you are crazy simply because you approached them!

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